3 Simple but powerful things we can do

1. Get beyond the daft myths

We need to challenge the cynical or uninformed excuse that sexism, domestic abuse and coercive control are out of character, or just happens with a few drinks, or that ‘lads will be lads’ – or that the abuse was provoked. These dangerous myths only deepen the culture of violence and allow men to hurt and harm without consequence.

2. Challenge in the moment

If the men who show disrespect, sexism or stereotyping of girls and women aren’t challenged at the time, this toxic culture harms lives and can begin to feel normal to younger boys or impressionable men. So, let’s speak out and tell our friends, family and colleagues that it’s not true, it’s not cool to excuse – it’s demeaning and dangerous.

3. Organise one big thing

For instance, organise one event or day or gathering on the subject in your college, work, school, sports club or local centre. Invite a speaker or ask Safe Ireland for information on our campaigns. Show the partners, sisters, daughters, mothers and females in your life that most men and boys reject gender inequality and coercive control. That you will support them when it’s needed.

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Reception Celebrating UN Women’s HeforShe Campaign and SAFE Ireland’s MAN UP Campaign

MAN UP 2015 Cathal Pendred – SAFE Ireland

Remember Help is At Hand

Support for any of these actions is just a phone call, email or a click away. Email manup@safeireland.ie today and we’ll give you any information or practical help you need.

You can also:

  1. Fill out our Sign Up form and tick the check box to indicate that you would like to receive more information on Man Up West and our work. One of our team will contact you.
  2. Join forces with your local SAFE Ireland service member

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Get help If you suspect abuse

If you suspect abuse or if you think a friend or relation needs your help, you can take action in a way that is safe for you and the person you want to help. If you are abusive to others in any way, now is the time to stop, be a real man and seek help immediately here.

Man Up is a campaign by Safe Ireland. Man Up West is our latest inspiring, brave and pioneering campaign to harness the voices, talents, concerns and activism of men and boys to play their crucial role in helping change the face of Domestic Abuse and Coercive Control.

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